Getting married in Costa del Sol

Getting married in Costa del Sol, Spain is a popular choice for several couples from across the world. Situated in sunny southern Spain, with several gorgeous coastal towns and communities along the coastline of Andalusia, Costa del Sol is the perfect setting for beautiful blessings or ceremonies. There are many different ways to celebrate your big day with various Costa del Sol wedding venues available. Choosing the right ceremony is crucial, as it affects the style and location of the venue.

Getting married in Costa del Sol - Bride Setting

Catholic Church wedding: If you are hoping for a religious ceremony, the only option is a full Roman Catholic ceremony, which must take place inside a Catholic church. This is a legally binding wedding, and the local civil registry is updated with your wedding details. Since Spain is very religious, a lot of work needs to be done beforehand, to ensure all paperwork is completed and submitted correctly.  Suitable Costa del Sol wedding venues for those looking for a Catholic Church wedding include Santo Domingo Church, Virgen del Carmen Church, Cristo Resucitado Church in Benalmadena; Santa Teresa de Jesus in Mijas Costa; Encarnacion Church in Marbella and San Pedro Church in San Pedro.

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Civil Ceremony: This is a fully legal marriage that is recognized worldwide – although your documents will be in Spanish. Civil weddings in Spain can take place at a designated venue which is registered in the civil registry. In several cases, this means that you can hold your wedding at a venue of your choice, provided local civil registry is obtained. Not all areas of Spain allow non-residents to marry in a civil ceremony; and for those that can – there is quite a lot of paperwork to sift through since Spain has strict regulations surrounding weddings of foreign nationals. A civil ceremony in Gibraltar is a great option for British Nationals getting married in Costa del Sol – it is just a short drive away and offers the opportunity of a legally recognized marriage.

Getting married in Costa del Sol - Beautiful ceremony

Wedding Blessing: This is the most popular choice in Spain, as there are no venue restrictions, with legal paperwork to worry about. Wedding or romantic blessings are non-legally binding and offer the most flexibility for the couple, who can decide every aspect of their ceremony on their own. This ceremony takes the same form as a traditional wedding ceremony or civil ceremony, with the exchange of rings and vows, and can be conducted by a Church of England Vicar, Minister or Civil non faith celebrant. They can take place almost anywhere – on the beach, at private villas, at luxury hotels or glamorous restaurants. A romantic wedding blessing usually takes place after a civil ceremony, either in the couple’s home country, or in Gibraltar.

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