Enjoy a range of water sports in Costa del Sol

Not only does Costa del Sol offer gorgeous beaches, sun bathing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, it also has a wide array of water sports and activities. With a striking coastline and lovely climate, Costa del Sol is a year round aquatic wonderland for both the young and old. The resorts and marinas along the Costa del Sol such as Málaga, Marbella, Estepona, Torremolinos and Benalmádena offer a wide variety of water sports, with facilities for water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing and paragliding. Here are some of the many water sports and activities that you can enjoy when you are on your Costa del Sol holiday.

Waterskiing: This is a popular sport in Costa del Sol, and is enjoyed by people of all ages, ensuring several hours of fun out in the water. The best part of waterskiing is that it can be practiced year round, and can be easily picked up with a few professional lessons. Visitors can rent a boat or have a professional boat driver take them out into the water and begin this healthy invigorating sport.

Snorkeling: There are several excellent destinations to go snorkeling and diving on the Costa del Sol, with incredible sea life to be viewed off the coast of Spain. Snorkeling is best to explore shallow waters; it is easy to do and only requires a minimal amount of equipment and expertise. In addition, snorkeling spots are easily accessible by foot.

Diving: Scuba diving requires more expertise and expense compared to snorkeling; however it is worth doing for enthusiasts since there are several gorgeous natural and artificial reefs that deserve to be explored along the Costa del Sol coastline. The most popular dive sites are found to the west of Málaga, and include Torre Marbella (Marbella Tower), Placer de las Bovedas, Punto Atalaya, Arrecife and Las Palomas and Marina Bay. There are several outlets that supply the required equipment, internationally recognized PADI lessons and guidance for scuba diving. A diving permit is required to scuba dive in Spain, which can be obtained from diving schools and clubs.

Dolphin watching: Enjoy dolphin watching along the Costa del Sol coastline in a boat trip, where you can see striped and bottle nosed dolphins, turtles, sun fish and even the odd whale if you are lucky. You can enjoy spectacular coastal views of the towns while you are out on the boat too.

Sotogrande, located on the Costa del Sol, is ideally located to access various water sports available in the region. For accommodation options in Sotogrande, visit Casa Abelia.