Celebrate Christmas in Costa del Sol

Although Costa del Sol is best known for being a summer destination, it is still a fantastic place to visit over the winter months, especially over Christmas and New Year. Costa del Sol enjoys very mild winters compared to other countries in northern Europe, making it a popular destination for Christmas holidays.

The average temperature of the Costa del Sol in December 2014 is 12°C, with highs of 15°C during the day to lows of 7°C at night. With more than five hours of glorious Spanish sunshine and ten hours of daylight per day, this is the perfect opportunity to escape UK’s bitter chill, grey and depressingly short days.

Surprisingly, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the quietest days of the year on the Costa del Sol. Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) is the big event, rather than Christmas Day, where families get together to celebrate over a hearty dinner. Most businesses are closed, including bars and restaurants so staff can spend time with their families. If you are looking to go out to eat, there are restaurants open that cater to the expat market, however you will need to book in advance.

Alternatively, you can choose to prepare your own Christmas feast using traditional ingredients, which are easily attainable. Traditional Christmas dishes include a leg of cured ham, smoked salmon, pates, cured meats, roast lamb and turkey. Sweets and pastries are also a favourite at Christmas – look out for turrones made of honey and almonds, marzipan tarts and polverones.

Christmas celebrations spread out for two weeks, instead of only two days, to celebrate King’s Day (Los Reyes) which falls on 6th January. There is an annual massive parade in every city throughout Spain on the 5th of January, during late afternoon or early evening, where three locals dress in costumes to depict the three kings, and ride around the city throwing hundreds of thousands of sweets to children amidst decorated floats. Many local families wait to exchange gifts on King’s Day, rather than Christmas Day.

Casa Abelia is a great option for large groups of families and friends to get together and celebrate Christmas in style. A complete seasonal hamper of lovely traditional food with wine, champagne and drinks are included. Click here for more information.