Enjoy a villa wedding in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, situated in sunny southern Spain, is a wonderful destination for weddings; it is breathtaking, exciting and most of all – romantic.  This coastal region has several gorgeous towns and communities, making it a popular choice for couples looking to get married from all over the world!

Costa del Sol has many delightful venues to suit all budgets and needs. You name it, luxury hotels, romantic restaurants, private villas, exciting beach clubs or rustic traditional rural properties in the hills – there is something for everyone’s taste and wedding theme here. Whether you are looking for something on the beach or on the countryside, you will be able to find the perfect venue. When considering your venue, it is important to take into consideration group size, noise restrictions, transport logistics, budget and location.



Villa weddings in Costa del Sol are a wonderful option. Several Costa del Sol wedding villas boast gorgeous views of the coast, countryside or mountains. These villas have large, stunning gardens, which have ample space for several guests. Both blessing ceremony and reception can be held at the villa, which makes it less of a hassle for you and your guests, with no extra travelling involved.

Villa garden set up for wedding

Villa garden set up for wedding

Another advantage of having a villa wedding in Costa del Sol is flexibility; you will be able to run things according to your schedule, and not have to worry about starting or finishing on time, since you are hiring the entire venue! You can hire the villa for the length of your stay, and your entire wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents) can stay with you, depending on how many rooms the villa has available.

Privacy at your hired villa

Private villa for weddings

Privacy is also a crucial factor with villa weddings; the only people around you on your special day will be your loved ones and the staff. You don’t have to worry about sharing the venue with other people, making a villa wedding very personal indeed.  Several wedding villas in Costa del Sol help you with all your wedding requirements – entertainment, catering, decorations, the cake, airport transfers, photographers, hair and beauty as well as arrangements with blessing ceremonies. Click here for a luxury wedding villa in Costa del Sol.

Wedding cake

Wedding cake