Visiting the Rock of Gibraltar

If you are planning a visit to Sotogrande, then you must also make time to visit Gibraltar because it is a place like non-other. This unique British colony in the southernmost Spain is a strange yet alluring picture of old-school British life and idyllic Spanish weather. The official language on the Rock is English, although Spanish is also spoken widely. You may also find a lingo called Llanito spoken by some. The Rock is technically a part of the EU and Spain, but strict border controls are in place throughout the year, therefore you may have some delays (in a matter of hours) when entering the Rock if you are a motorist. While Gibraltar is famous for its tax-free shopping in main street, its endemic monkeys, tropical gardens and siege tunnels there is more to this British colony that is worth mentioning. So, here is our list of things to do on day trips to Gibraltar.


Go Underground

Gibraltar has many natural and man-made underground places, some of which are world-renowned tourist attractions. St Micheals cave is one such major attraction well-known by the travellers to the Rock. However, there are lesser known but intriguing places to visit. Gibraltar’s long military history with Great Britain has left it with WW2 air raid shelters to discover. These are signposted and allow visitors with permission to enter. The Keighley Way Tunnel, which goes underneath the Rock used to be a train tunnel for the steam railway that went around the rock and around Rosia bay, on the way to Europa point. It is part of several other railway tunnels and is well worth a visit.


Mosque at Europa Point

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque, built by by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is the most southerly mosque in Europe and one of the largest outside of a non Muslim country. This lovely building has plenty of architectural praise and is recommended to see.


Reaching the Top

The Top of Gibraltar Rock is well worth the journey as it gives you incredible views from the Mediterranean to Morocco. You can find a café or a viewing platform to enjoy the plentiful vistas. Keep a look-out for those mischievous monkeys who may have away with your possessions of you are not careful.


Spot that monument!

Gibraltar has a variety of monuments scattered around for you to spot when looking around. Some of the notable ones are the Sikorski Monument (Polish resistance), the Pillars of Hercules, The Royal Memorial plaque (Queen Elizabeth II), the cradle of history monument, Gibraltar museum, Nelson’s statue, The Evacuation monument, British war memorial, and Moorish bath house.