Spain’s popular holiday destinations

Costa del Sol and Sotogrande are two very popular Spanish holiday destinations. Many holiday goers have come to appreciate the convenience of holidaying in these destinations. This is especially true for families going on holiday were the accommodation cost can become an issue. By opting for a self catering holiday by staying in Costa del Sol villas or villas in Sotogrande families enjoy an economical yet fun packed holiday.

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, beautiful soft sandy beaches and resorts visitors are instantly put into holiday mode. By staying in a villa visitors can truly embrace the Spanish culture. It provides an opportunity for an authentic stay in a proper Spanish setting, along with privacy and convenience. All the comforts of home along with additional features that ensure guests are well taken care of. Guests have the complete freedom to do as they wish, such as exploring the surrounding quaint villages and trekking along breathtakingly beautiful environs. The beauty of a villa stay is that for holidaymakers their time is their own with no busy schedules or hotel times to adhere to. Villas are also the ideal way to experience different areas of these popular holiday destinations.

Costa del Sol lives up to its reputation of being the perfect holiday destination by having a good transport infrastructure in place. It is relatively easy to catch a bus or a train to visit areas further away. Costa del Sol has much to offer visitors. With its inspiring Church architecture, attractions such as the museums and the Malaga Castle and not forgetting the old ‘white’ fishing villages there is always something of interest to see in Cost del Sol. Its history and culture are evident in each and every aspect and are worth exploring and experiencing.

Once done with the sightseeing families can enjoy some good old fashioned fun at a theme park such as the Tivoli World. Afterwards visitors can of course enjoy time on the famous Costa del Sol or Sotogrande beaches. The Mediterranean climate is tailor made for sunbathing and quality time on the beach. This is the perfect pastime for the kids who can enjoy frolicking on the sand. For people looking for some privacy, then the small coves that have secluded sandy beach areas are the solution.

With so much to offer it really no surprise that Costa del Sol is regarded as one of the best holiday destinations.

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