The benefits of staying in a villa while on holiday

Villas stays are growing in popularity due to the convenience they offer holiday goers. Spain, especially the Andalusia region, needless to say is a very popular holiday destination with vast numbers travelling there annually. It is enjoyed by individual travellers, families, groups of friends and couples alike, as it offers so much in terms of activities. Costa del Sol villas and villas in Sotogrande come in a range of options and varieties. However, they all provide access to Costa del Sol’s amazing landscapes, famous beaches and of course the mouth watering food!

For groups and families villas have proved to be the ideal accommodation solution. Villas provide a home away from home feeling that is perfect when travelling with children. It also allows groups to stay and have fun together without fear of disturbing other guests. With villas visitors get greater personal space which includes sitting areas, verandas and so on. Usually villas also have surrounding garden space ideal for kids to play and for adults to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Guests can select the food they wish to have plus deciding when and where they would like to eat. Mostly, villa stays work out to be economical as well, as it does not include a lot of the hidden costs.

Depending upon the type of villa rented guests may even be able to enjoy facilities such as swimming pools or Jacuzzis. This comes with the added advantage of not having to share it with strangers, but just with family and friends. Staying at a villa is a good way to truly experience the culture of the area. As it is easier on the budget, visitors will have more money to spend on other experiences. For instance visiting places of interesting, enjoying the local cuisine at a restaurant to name a few. Costa del Sol has many places of interest to visit and experience such as the Roman Baths Thematic Centre, museums, galleries and play parks. Being able to spend more on such activities enhances the entire holiday experience.

By staying in a villa guests can enjoy everything the Andalusia region has to offer. It is not for nothing that Costa del Sol has achieved such immense popularity with holiday makers. It is a must experience holiday destination that ensures everyone has fun. Staying in a villa gives guests the freedom to meander around and take in the cultural heritage and charming villages.