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Spanish Villas

When it comes to luxury Spanish villas, Casa Abelia is one of the premier choices in Spain. Casa Abelia comes fully equipped with all the necessary luxuries essential to ensure a completely fulfilling holiday. It is the sheer definition of a luxury home away from home, where the whole family can enjoy the feeling of comfort and well being. As it is located in the very attractive Sotogrande area, Casa Abelia guests will be able to enjoy the breathtaking sights and atmosphere and truly have an invigorating experience while on holiday.

As far as Spanish villas go, Casa Abelia is one of the premier options with its fully equipped kitchen and large heated swimming pool that is located in the large well-looked after gardens, while there is also more than enough space for entertaining, both indoors and outdoors. The avid golfer staying at Casa Abelia is in for a further treat as there are golf courses literarily at the door step.

Being the largest residential resort in Andalusia Sotogrande has been welcoming visitors since the 1960’s. Being in the undyingly popular Costa del Sol has helped Sotogrande retain its top position as a holiday hotspot. Costa del Sol has a diversity of attractions on offer though it is predominantly known as a beach holiday destination. Of course the main lure is the fact that it is in Spain which offers visitors the ideal balance of perfect weather, mouth-watering food and an atmosphere that invites people to just immerse themselves in the holiday spirit. Spain offers holiday goers the calming effect of a Mediterranean climate and a whole lot of action!

Costa del Sol is a sun worshipper’s paradise where the perfect tan can be achieved effortlessly. Seriously, all you have to do is laze on the beach reading your favourite book or getting some shut-eye while you soak up the sun. The most you would have to exert yourself would be when you take a long sip of your chilled cocktail. Of course, kids at the beach can have hours of fun playing in the sand. There are many exhilarating water sports options available as well at Costa del Sol if you are looking for some beach activity.

Although renowned as a beach holiday destination, Costa del Sol has so much more to offer. Nature walks, where one can experience breathtaking natural beauty up close and personal, are particularly popular. Even if you are not normally an avid walker, you have to make an effort to walk around and take in the beautiful surroundings offered to you. Make sure to visit places such as the Sotogrande Marina, the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa and Algeciras.  Do not forget about other possibilities such as walking through the picture-perfect seaside village of Frigiliana or an adventure hike to the prehistoric caves of Nerja.

To truly enjoy your Spanish holiday you need convenience and flexibility that can be found by staying in Spanish villas. Opting to stay in Spanish villas such as Casa Abelia you get the joy of a luxury stay and the flexibility not necessarily found with a hotel stay. The villa can be your base from which to travel to other attractions. When choosing from the various Spanish villas on offer, there are some tips that you can use to determinate the correct one for your requirements.

1.         If you are travelling with your family or a group that includes children, make sure that the facilities are child friendly. For example having a washing machine, a well equipped kitchen and a DVD player would go a long way towards making the holiday smoother. This way the kids can be kept entertained for those times you spend within the villa while their laundry can be taken care of easily.

2.         A pool would be ideal. The kids, not to mention the adults, can enjoy hours of fun within their own private space just enjoying the cooling waters and amazing scenery.

3.         Having a fully equipped kitchen, which is well stocked, helps you to be able to handle your own meals as and when you please. This way the kids can be fed the type of food they enjoy when they want, so that the adults are free to later at a leisurely pace enjoy the scrumptious food available at the restaurants and cafes nearby.

4.         Finding out in advance the sort of sleeping arrangements offered helps minimize the hassle of organizing yourself once you arrive at the villa.

5.         Take the location into consideration. This way you will have a clear idea of how much travelling you would have to do to reach other attractions. If you love playing golf for example, Casa Abelia would be ideal as it has golf courses at its door step.

If you are looking for something completely out of the norm then do indulge yourself in luxury Spanish villas that will make you feel special. With rich furnishings and facilities that cater to your every requirement a villa stay allows you to enjoy your own quiet holiday space with your nearest and dearest. After all, being on holiday is all about having experiences that differ from the routine of your daily life and instead inundating your senses with fresh experiences. Casa Abelia promises all of this and more as you indulge in your Spanish getaway in the wonder that is Sotogrande in Costa del Sol.