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Family Holidays in Sotogrande

Family Holidays in Costa del Sol are memorable, and especially family holidays in Sotogrande are what dreams are made of as the whole family enjoys the experience. The best way to truly enjoy and absorb the atmosphere of Sotogrande is to stay in Spanish Villas such as Casa Abelia. With a villa stay you and the family will be pampered and immersed in the laid back Spanish way of life as you holiday in style. We can assure you that when you stay at our villa you will enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

It is the perfect accommodation for family holidays in Costa del Sol as you experience the thrill of living in a luxurious villa while being surrounded by the beauty of Sotogrande. It is a known fact that Sotogrande is the largest residential resort in Andalusia and has been a holiday hotspot since the early 1960’s when it was established. It is the place to enjoy your well earned money on luxury and pampering.  After all you are enjoying your family holiday in Sotogrande with its perfect climate and the famous Marina. The Marina has the distinction of being the first port for yachts when they enter the Mediterranean from the Atlantic. It is located about 16km north east of Gibraltar.

To be at the Sotogrande Marina is to be absorbed into the luxurious feel of the area that resembles a high end village with distinction. It has a laidback pace to life which is exactly what you need while on holiday. The yachts in the foreground with the blue waters as the background is picture perfect and makes you feel enchanted. The Marina itself is very well equipped and has all the necessary amenities required by guests. If you have not travelled in your own yacht, take the family on an unforgettable experience by chartering a yacht or a sailboat.

The Marina during the summer season plays host to regattas, while it is no secret that Sotogrande is a golf enthusiast’s paradise. It is the perfect location to spend hours putting on perfect greens as the sun gently warms you. You could take the family to enjoy a day at one of the famous Polo games that takes place. In addition, do not forget that Sotogrance also has wonderful, unspoilt beaches with warm inviting sand, just waiting to be relaxed upon. Referred to by some as “Little Venice” Sotogrande has tempting cafes, restaurants and bars on offer, that are perfect to enjoy a cooling drink, coffee or meal while taking in the beauty of the location.

Family holidays in Costa del Sol encompass all the magical elements of a perfect holiday; Luxury, pampering, breathtaking location and easy access to mouth watering food and drinks. Spanish villas are the greatest way to celebrate your Spanish holiday, as they provide an authentic Spanish experience. Truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Sotogrande and awake in your very own holiday villa to the calming sounds of the ocean. At Casa Abelia we know that our villas will help make your holiday extra special and that you will end your holiday on the firm promise of returning once again to amazing Sotogrande.